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02 Jul 2016


Bradley has blond hair and blue eyes. He is 5’9″ (1.80 m) and right handed. According to him he looks like his mother.

Bradley has two sisters, an older one called Natalie and a younger one called Stephanie.

Bradley proudly wears a silver ring on his right thumb that his friends bought him for his 18th birthday. It is a sentimental reminder of those friends he grew up with.


♥ Music: The Beatles, David Bowie, Michael Jackson.

♥ Movies: The Labyrinth, The Goonies, The James Bond series, The Warriors and The Usual Suspects.

♥ TV: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Heroes, Wallander, Gavin & Stacey, Doctor Who, Life (the David Attenborough nature series), X Factor, Total Wipeout, Skins and Summer Heights High.

♥ Actors: Will Ferrell, Alex Britton.

♥ Actresses: Julie Walters.

♥ Sport: Football, ping pong, athletics and cricket.

♥ Football club: Arsenal.

♥ American football team: Miami Dolphins.

♥ Food: Steak with vegetables.

♥ Colour: Blue.

♥ Ninja Turtle: Raphael.


Roundstone Preparatory sSchool in Trowbridge, UK.

Crown Point Elementary School, Florida, USA.

Fletcher Middle, Florida, USA.

Drama Centre London where he graduated with Group 43 in 2007.


Bradley learns and practices his lines with a dictaphone.

Bradley used to babysit three children before becoming an actor.

Bradley lived for four years in the USA when his parents moved to the Beaches, Jacksonville in Florida.

When he was 9 years old he went to Crown Point Elementary School first, then to Fletcher Middle. Before that, he attented Roundstone Preparatory School in Trowbridge, UK.

As a kid, Bradley used to run in his back garden pretending he was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Since November 2009 Bradley James is an official ambassador for the A Night Less Ordinary scheme by which Arts Council England in association with Metro offers free theatre tickets to anyone under 26.

Bradley James claims that he can hold a note due to his Drama School years but he isn’t keen on singing in front of people, not being for karaoke with friends.

When casting for the character of Arthur in Merlin, both Bradley James and Ben Mansfield auditioned for the role, the former being the one who got it.

Bradley James asked if he could stay overnight and sleep in the 4 poster bed in the studio sets of Merlin but he wasn’t allowed for security reasons.

Bradley got injured while filming Merlin on an almost daily basis due to the big amount of fight scenes.

Bradley was eager to take on the role of Arthur in Merlin because as a spoilt, boorish and over-protected teenager, he represents everything Bradley is not.

Bradley is a sports fanatic, which makes him deeply enjoy working on Merlin where he takes part in sword fight, fencing tournaments and does a lot of horse riding. He watched Gladiator and 300 to prepare for his action scenes.

Bradley together with Merlin co-star Colin Morgan, recorded a video diaries with interviews and behind the scenes material during the filming of season 1. It was incorporated as extra material in the DVD release.

Bradley is professionally represented by United Agents in London and Sue Terry Voices.

Bradley does not cook.

Bradley played Jude in the Diana Buzzo’s film Portobello 196. The 14 minutes short film was shot in April 2007 in collaboration with the London Film Academy, and premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival in May 2009.

Bradley made his TV debut on March 2nd, 2008 playing Jack Roth in the episode 2×02 Music to Die For of the British series Lewis.

He made together with Colin their own songs

According to him he looks like his mother.

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