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02 Jul 2016

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Quotes that Bradley says as himself

Bradley: I was playing football once, and it was just after we’d finished season one, and this guy, this defender, crunched me just… you know, tackled me quite ferociously. And it took me a while to get off the ground, and as I did he went “Where’s Merlin now?” And I thought, this is where it begins.

Bradley about Colin: So I think when we kinda first met we were sort of, from completely different backgrounds didn’t know about each other like “okay what’s this guy about” and then I feel as though there’s been a bit of a bond.

Bradley: You might have to ask him for his side of it, of the story. I’d say we get on really well. I enjoy having him around. He makes me laugh, from time to time, so that’s always good to have around on set.

Bradley: “I find inspiration with Colin. We have a lot of fun working together. I’ve been very fortunate that we’ve had such a great working relationship that it’s translated onto the screen. Because he’s been a big part of the show, we’ve had to work together so much. We’ve had a lot of scenes to do, and it’s made them enjoyable, so inspiration comes from hanging out together ’cause we have a laugh.”

Bradley when he met Colin for the first time: When I first met Colin I… I couldn’t understand what he was saying. It was purely because I wasn’t used to his accent and, and also he’s got this very… you wouldn’t think when you look at him, this very dark sense of humor you don’t know about it.

Bradley: “Um. Myself and Colin have spent a lot of time together the last 2 years. And yesterday, uh, Colin was practically asleep, we got into London at like 7 – i dunno, something stupid – in the morning, and we were talking to somebody and I said a joke, and the person I was talking to didn’t laugh, but Colin woke up and went hahahaha. And, it’s just-it’s just kind of, and I, you know, I find myself knowing – I don’t know, just picking on this strange wavelength that we’ve created, between the pair of us, and not being able to step away until, after, I go oh my god, we’re a pair of weirdos.”

Bradley James: It is a lot of fun to work with Colin, he is a pretty special guy

Bradley: As an actor, when you go for auditions, there are certain roles that come along and you think, I really want that one, and Prince Arthur was definitely one of those. I remember the last audition I did was this workshop where they had lots of Arthurs there, and me looking at each one thinking they weren’t right for the part, because they weren’t me!

Bradley James: I just started on Twitter because someone was pretending to be me, which was really annoying. The worst thing about it was that during the [football] World Cup, they predicted that Uruguay were going to win, which was ridiculous! I was like: Right, that’s it, I’m getting on Twitter. Having people think that my football judgement was so poor was offensive and so I had to put the record straight. I’m now @bradleyjames on Twitter. We’ll see how long that lasts before the vast amount of crazy messages I receive scares me away.

Bradley James: (About performing on stage) The idea of the audience and the cast sort of giving that energy back and forth makes it a very interactive experience because you can’t really do that when you’re watching something on screen because the performance’s already been given, the energy levels have been set and it won’t alter with regards to how the audience feels about it. When you’re here, the atmosphere that theatre creates is all around you it’s just something… magical.

Bradley James: (About his mother) My mum plays her cards very close to her chest, but she hasn’t been able to do that very well with this show. Every time I get home, she’ll go: ‘Do you have the next episode for me yet?’ So I guess there are a few signs of pride there.

Bradley James: (About his role of Arthur in Merlin) Generic nice guys bore me to tears! I don’t see why anybody would want to see just people being nice. Arthur has so many flaws that he has to go through a series of lessons to become the man that we know he’s going to become. It’s still a learning game for Arthur at the moment, before he becomes the man of legend. I love the fact that audiences are about to go on that journey with me.

Bradley James: (about Arthur and Merlin’s relationship) They fall out straight away when Merlin doesn’t take too kindly to the way Arthur is treating a servant. Arthur tends to use brute force and ignorance to get what he wants. His privileged upbringing has an effect on his personality. When you grow up with people deferring to you it has an impact on the way you behave. But Merlin is a catalyst for a change in his behaviour. He sees in Merlin a lot more than he judges at first and it helps him realise the kind of man he could become.

Bradley James: (about Merlin’s approach on the role of Arthur) No one is going to like him to begin with. It’s a long journey for him to make to become the Arthur that is so familiar to us. Arthur’s troubled past has made him a proud and emotionally repressed young man. He is a teenager encroaching on adulthood. He’s grown up without a mother and he’s never had an outlet for his emotions so he is keeping a lot within himself. He will be King one day. So he would not dare allow his friends to see a weaker side. He’s expected to be a pillar of strength. There’s a stubbornness that comes with that and as a result he is not able to sympathise with other people.

Bradley James: (about working with Anthony Head) I saw him and my jaw dropped and I said something like, ‘what the hell is he doing here?’ And they said, ‘oh, he’s playing your father,’ and at that point I was just like, wow. That is pretty ridiculous. And I went over to him and said, ‘if I mess up a lot of the words I’m supposed to say in the first few conversations, I’m a Buffy fan. But keep that quiet. (Laughs) So yeah, I was quite pleased to see him there on the first day. And it’s been terrific working with him.

Quotes that Bradley says as one of his characters

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